Why don’t I have any contacts in Covve (or just a few)

Covve currently focusses on users who maintain an Outlook/Gmail/iPhone address book to manage their closest contacts. Covve does not create an address book for you, it syncs and enhances the existing address book you have.

If you don’t have an address book but want to use Covve, then you need to create an address book with your most valuable contacts, the ones at the other end of the phone. Here are some actions that may help you get started:

  •  Import your LinkedIn contacts in Gmail. Find out how;
  • Transfer Gmail’s ‘Other’ contacts in ‘Gmail Contacts’ - Gmail maintains a folder in ‘Contacts’ called ‘Other’ where it stores all the people you have exchanged emails with. This could help you start building your address book. Find out how;
  • Import your ‘Google Circles’ contacts in ‘Gmail Contacts’. Find out how.

We do not believe in amalgamating all your contacts in one large address book but we are looking at offering services that will help create a useful, curated address book for users who do not have one, so please send us any thoughts to better guide us on what users like you would want included.