By now, we all know that when it comes to exchanging our professional information with our networks, the go-to has always been the business card. And in almost every professional exchange, there is always one of these to give and take.  

Not many traditions last long enough to stick around for years and years, but when a tradition is as efficient as the business card, it’s no wonder why this rectangular little masterpiece has been in practice for not just years, but centuries. Since the 17th century in fact! And we believe it’s here to stay, read more in our blog Why the business card will never die.

With Covve’s new Biz Card feature, you can conform this timeless exchange of contacts into modern practice.

Here’s how it works:

  1. On your Covve app go to More and then click Edit Biz Card to ensure your latest details are in there.
  2. Fill out all required business card fields. Tip: did you know that these details are auto-shared and updated with all your connected contacts? That’s right! Never worry again about someone not having your most up-to-date information.
  3. Once you have done this, your Biz Card is ready for your next exchange; Yes-it was that easy!
  4. When you are ready to exchange your business card with your fellow contacts, simply go to send Biz Card, input the email address you are sending your Biz card to, and voila, you have sent your first business card!
  5. Keeping a log of the business cards you have sent, so that you can go back at any time and add important notes on who you met, and what your exchange was about.

 Enjoy your digital business card - but don’t throw all those paper ones away just yet!