Once you've signed up from one device you can then login to your account on any number of other devices.

When logging in on a different device, you'll be asked if you want to:

  • Sync with this device
  • Proceed without sync



Selecting "Yes, sync with this device" will sync all contacts from your Covve account with all contacts on your new device:

  • If a contact exists in Covve but not on this device, it will be added to the device
  • If a contact exists on the device but not in Covve, it will be added to Covve (and from there to any other devices syncing with Covve)
  • If a contact exists in both Covve and the device then any additional information on Covve will be added to the phone contact and vice versa

By selecting"Proceed without sync", the contacts on this device will not be synced with Covve:

  • However, changes that you make to Covve on this device WILL be synced with your Covve account and will be applied to all other devices where you're using Covve