Spending just a few minutes preparing before you call someone can significantly improve your conversation. We want to help you make a habit of this by giving you the right tools to prepare for every call, in under a minute.

Is there anything you should know about their company? Did their sports team win or lose in the last game? Any insight on their hobbies to break the ice with?

Know everything before you make the call, with our most powerful and versatile news engine yet.

Tell Covve which topics your contact is interested in and get the latest news, so you are always in the know! Add their company, their hobbies, the team they support, and whatever they are interested in. You can then skim through the headlines before you reach out. Make sure you always prepare for your next call. Just read your notes and the latest news and you are good to go. And don't forget to do some after-call-work. Take notes from your conversation and add any new topics, to have everything handy for when you call next.

Try it out in the News tab of every contact.