Covve makes sharing your details fast and effortless!

Covve offers a variety of ways to do that. You can easily spot them all in your profile.

1) Invite

When inviting contacts, you essentially ask them to join your private network. Once the contact accepts your invitation, you are connected. Connecting to a contact within Covve offers two main benefits:

a) Automatic updates on contact details: when a connected contact adds new information in their profile, the contact card in your address book is automatically updated - and vice versa

b) Connecting with a contact adds them to your personal private network (and vice versa)

2) Send your personalized Business Card

No need to carry stacks of your business cards anymore! Just enter your Covve profile and send your own, electronic "Biz Card"  

3) Share your personal QR Code

The easiest way share your contact details. Go to your profile and tap on "QR Code"

A QR code including all your contact information will appear. 

Any person who points their phone’s camera on your QR code will get your contact card added to their phone’s address book.