Since a recent update, LinkedIn only syncs with Google Contacts and Google Calendar.

This means, that if you wish to add LinkedIn contacts to Covve, you need to have a Gmail account. Once this account is added and synced with your device, the contacts will be added in Covve as well.

Alternatively, export your LinkedIn contacts and import them to the account syncing with Covve.


To export your LinkedIn contacts:

1) Go to “My network”.


2) Click on “See all”, right under “Your connections” (on the panel on the left side of the screen).

3) Click on “Manage synced and imported contacts”. A list of all your LinkedIn contacts will then appear.


4) Click on “Export contacts”. You’ll find that on on the right side of the table.

5) Select which type of data you want to download and press on “Request archive”.

Instructions on how to import your contacts into your email account can be found here:

a) For Gmail

b) For Exchange/Outlook

c) For Office365