You can invite any contact that's in your address book to connect with you in Covve (or, if they're not, just add them and click to connect). You can also invite multiple contacts using the group invite button.

How to connect

There are a few different ways to invite a contact to connect with you.

   1) From within your Covve profile

Tap on the blue (+) icon and click on the 'Invite' button. Covve will initially suggest 4 contacts to send invites to.

You can swipe a suggestion left to hide it from view


Alternatively, tap on 'Select contacts to invite' to mass invite a specific number of contacts or, even, your entire contacts list!


Contacts already using Covve, will be shown on the top of the list followed by the contacts that haven't signed up to Covve yet. 



   2) From within a contact card

On the mobile app, open a contact card, go to the 'Details' section, tap on the blue (+) icon and select the 'Invite' button.















The connection invitation along with your personalized message will be sent to the contact's chosen email address. If they are already a Covve user they will receive a connection invitation within Covve.





You can check and manage your connection invites through your profile, by tapping on the 3 dots and select 'My network'.







Connecting provides the following benefits:

Private address book sharing

Connecting with a contact adds them to your personal private network (and vice versa). By accessing your network view you'll be able to view and search their contacts in a manner that protects their privacy.

Profiles exchange

The moment your connection invitation is accepted, the entry in your address book for that contact will be updated with the user's up to date profile (and vice versa).

From then on, your contact card will remain up to date with their profile. When changes are made you will be informed through a notification in your notifications panel.

Note that in order to protect your data, these automatic updates:

    a) will never delete emails or phone numbers from your address book, even if your connected contact removes them from their profile; and

   b) will never remove data that was in the contact card before you connected.


To disconnect from a contact click on the 'Connected' icon.

Disconnecting from a contact will instantly remove them from your 'Connected' network. Your contacts will not be accessible to them and your profile updates will not be visible to them.

The person who you've disconnected from will not receive any notification that you have disconnected. The connect icon for your contact card in their address book will become grey.