Google uses two separate concepts:

a) Google contacts, which can be organised in groups

b) Google+ circles, which are part of Google's social platform much like facebook, linkedIn etc.

Covve, being a pure contacts management solution (and not a social network) supports Google contacts but not circles. However, the nice people at Google do provide a very easy solution for copying your Google circles people to your Google contacts, as follows:

1) Go to google takeout (google's "data export" service):

2) You may be asked to login to your Google+ account if you're not already logged in

3) Deselect (untick) everything apart from "Contacts"

4) Click on "Next"

5) Make sure ".zip" and "Send download link via email" are selected and press "Create archive"

6) When the archive has been prepared click to download it

7) Once the download is complete, open the zip file that Google has provided and copy the vcard files to your computer (e.g. to the desktop)

Now you have your contacts in a format that Gmail, Outlook and Outlook365 can accept as import.

Instructions on how to import your contacts can be found:

a) Here for Gmail

b) Here for Exchange/Outlook

c) Here for Office365