Covve uses multiple algorithms and sources to automatically update your contacts with as much additional information as possible.

Different algorithms and sources are used for each of your contact's properties.

For example, phone numbers and emails are processed and used to populate location information. Similarly, companies are cross referenced across multiple sources to determine the most relevant Industry classification.

Similar methods are used to populate industry, company, seniority, job title and flag contacts for archiving.

Once Covve's algorithms have finished, it then scours the web for any publicly available information about the contact. This includes Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and another 100 sources. Covve assembles and curates this data and adds it to your contacts as required.

Locations, professional information, social profiles and duplicates merging always requires your approval. Profile pictures are automatically added.

Nevertheless, the best way to always have the most up to date and complete picture of your contacts is to connect with them. Find out more