Covve uses multiple algorithms and sources to automatically update your contacts with as much additional information as possible.

Covve continuously scans over 100 sources for any publicly available information about your contacts (this includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc), and assembles data such as:

- profile picture

- country

- company

- industry

- job title

- social network

Profile pictures are automatically added in Covve, while the rest of identified information is presented in the form of suggested Improvements and requires your approval.



We do prioritize some sources over others – generally giving priority to professional sources (e.g LinkedIn) over social/personal ones (e.g Facebook).

All approved improvements will be added to your contacts and will be synced with your contacts accounts when possible. See more details on what data syncs back to your address book here.

Note that adding emails to your contacts helps our engine locate more data about your contacts faster. Click here for directions on how to easily add emails to your contacts.

Tip: Upgrading to Pro supercharges the whole experience while our improvements engine scans deeper and more frequently!