Covve helps you stay in touch with the people who matter, like your very own, simple, intuitive, personal CRM

Staying in touch with our contacts is crucial, yet often ignored in the plethora of daily tasks we undertake. This is inexcusable; we are often preoccupied with daily 'admin' and undermine the maintenance of one of our most valuable assets.

Covve’s smart reminders, simply help you maintain your network through two types of reminders.

1. Automate reminders game

You can specify how often you’d like to be in touch with each of your contacts by going through the 'Automate' reminders game.



Covve then keeps track of your communications with these contacts and a sophisticated algorithm then notifies you each week of the people you need to get in touch with.

You can see which contacts you need to get in touch with this week through the In Touch list as well as any reminders that are overdue or snoozed.

This feature takes into account your 'Auto Remind' preferences for each contact (e.g. 'I want to be in touch quarterly') and your 'Activity' history with this contact. It also looks ahead and spreads out your reminders to make sure you're not overwhelmed.


2. Custom reminder

Sometimes you’ll want to set a reminder to call a specific person on a specific date (and add a note on the reminder with additional details). 

Add them through your contacts list (tap to view the contact).



You’ll receive a notification whenever you have a scheduled reminder and you can also see them in your 'People to Contact' list.



Tip 1: You can specify what time you’d like your weekly notification (or even if you’d like both a start of week and an end of week reminder) through your settings.

Tip 2: Whenever you contact someone through Covve (call, text or email), the time and date and the type of communication are logged for future reference. You can see these at the 'Notes' Tab of each contact in your contacts list.