The iPhone has two concepts when it comes to grouping contacts:

a) Sources: These are added and removed through settings and represent sources of contacts (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, iCloud).

b) Groups: Each source may have one or more groups of contacts (e.g. Friends, Family)

Covve allows you to choose which of your iPhone sources you want to synchronize with. Note that if there are many sources of the same type (e.g. three gmail accounts) then Covve will either synchronize with all of them or with none of them.

You will be asked to select sources when you first sign-up to Covve from your iPhone. You will also be asked again each time you add new sources to your iPhone.

To manually add or remove a group from Covve go to "More", then "Settings" and select "Choose which groups to sync with"

Adding sources

When you add new sources to your iPhone, next time you launch the Covve app you will be asked to choose which sources you want to syncrhonize with.

If you choose an additional source, the contacts will be synchronized with Covve and Covve will deduplciate and enhance them.

It is important to note that Covve will deduplicate contacts across all your sources. So, if you have a duplicate contact in iCloud and in GMail, Covve will pick the most complete version (say Gmail), supplement it with any additional information from the iCloud version of the contact and then remove the iCloud version.

Removing sources

If you remove a source from your iPhone, all contacts belonging to this source will also be removed from Covve.