Covve helps you create a private network of warm contacts who are a phone call away. Covve is about finding the right warm contact for you to do business with. 


a) Covve respects privacy - it never shares any personal information about your contacts. Social networks thrive on open and public exchange of information.

b) Covve respects contact ownership. In contrast with most social networks, in Covve your contacts belong to you and you may delete them anytime you wish.

c) Covve is based on your (and your contacts') address book. We believe that the address book (whether on the telephone, Gmail or Exchange) should hold those contacts that are truly warm and "a phone call away"; Covve helps you organize and curate your address book to ensure you achieve that. In contrast, social networks are getting increasingly saturated with cold contacts.

d) Through its unique visual interface (the Covve maps), Covve provides a unique way to create insights from your network as a whole.