Covve has been designed from the outset as the ultimate addressbook for business professionals. Its unique features include:

Automatic updates

Covve automatically updates your contacts by adding valuable data such as location, industry, company, job title, seniority, social profile and profile picture. This then lets you search and group your contacts much more effectively.

Your very own personal CRM

After helping you organize and bring your addressbook up to date, Covve helps you manage your professional relationships. It keeps track of communications and it reminds you to stay in touch with people that matter.

Expand your network - maintain your privacy

Covve allows you to expand your contact network by anonymously sharing contacts with the people you decide to connect with. We call this personal network of contacts that are privately shared amongst connected individuals, your private graph. When sharing contacts in this way Covve never shares contact names or contact details – people still need to talk to you first.

Quality over quantity

Covve also prioritises quality over quantity of contacts. As such Covve doesn't encourage merging of multiple address books into one or importing contacts from social networks - all of which would result in endless lists of cold contacts. 

Privacy and ownership

Importantly, unlike many address book solutions, you always retain ownership of your data - we never share or resell your contacts and you can always delete your Covve account and all your data.

Visualize and analyze

Finally, through its unique visual interface (the Covve maps), Covve provides a unique way to create insights from your network as a whole.


The benefits Covve users usually derive are best illustrated by example:

1) You’re about to sell or strike a deal with ABC Ltd. You use Covve and find that John (a colleague) is school friends with the CFO at ABC. John introduces you and the deal is a breeze.

2) You’ve just launched  a new product that is applicable to the accounting industry. You use Covve to find senior people in accounting positions and get introductions to them.

3) You’re about to travel to Moscow on business. You use Covve to identify which colleagues can setup meetings with potential clients while you’re there.