"Clear data" is useful for resetting an Android app to a fresh state. It is worth noting that simply deleting and re-installing the app doesn't usually do the trick - as Android keeps a backup of your data and restores it when you re-install the app.

Below are instructions on how to clear data on some of the popular flavors of Android


1) Press and hold the app's icon. Note that this should be done within your main apps list, not your front screen favorites.


2) Drag the icon to "App info"



3) Press Storage


4) Press "Clear data"





1) Swipe down and press on the settings icon


2) Go to More and then press on "Application manager"


4) Tap on the relevant app


4) Press "Clear data"


1) Press and hold the app's icon, until the pop-up message appears







2) Tap on "App info" and then on "Storage"










3) Tap on "Clear Data"