With Covve you can easily export your whole contacts list, or segments of it! There are two ways you can export your contacts:

1) On the mobile app, go to your Profile, then Settings and finally tap on "Export contacts".

A .csv file (similar to an excel spreadsheet) will be sent to you via email. When requesting an export through the mobile app, your entire contacts list is exported.

2) On the web app, you can:

  • Navigate the interactive maps (the world & industry maps), find the segment you need, press to view the list and then press to export.


  • Use tags to filter your search and export specific contacts, in the advanced search (at the top right of the screen).


Note: you need to be a Pro user, in order to be able to export through the web app.


Once you receive your .csv, you can use it directly for:
- excel processing,
- mail merge,
- importing into email accounts,
- importing into Mail chimp,
and more.

If your contacts are not properly exported, see here for possible reasons.