Modern phones already do a lot of work in merging similar contacts.

Covve utilizes this and will make sure that any contacts already linked by your phone will appear only once in Covve.

Furthermore, Covve's own deduplication system is a bit more intensive and may identify further duplicates. The deduplication algorithm compares all the details of each contact, and If it determines that they are sufficiently similar, it will propose a merge under your "Improvements" tab.

Once approved, the most complete of the two contacts will be complemented with data from the least complete contact and the least complete contact will be removed.

If the duplicate contacts are across different contacts accounts (e.g. Google Contacts, Exchange and iCloud), Covve will instruct your phone to update the contact and your phone will decide exactly which account needs to be updated in which way. This is only the case if you have the same group of contacts in more that one account! If there is no overlap in contacts, then all updates and changes will be synced with the corresponding contacts account.

Throughout this process, our complex algorithm takes a conservative approach, to make sure that only matching contacts are merged. For example, contacts that share a name or even email may not be merged, as we need additional indications as well. It’s not unusual for different contacts to have the same email (e.g. "" or "")

Learn how to easily remove duplicate contacts using Gmail or Covve.

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