Ever wished you had kept in closer contact with that ex-colleague that would have now been the perfect fit to support your upcoming project? What about the times when you browse through your address book only to realize you hadn't been in touch with some key contacts for months? We know how hard it can be to manage your contacts when there are so many other things to handle on a daily basis.

Covve’s 'Reminders' does just that for you. By staying in touch and keeping your contacts warm, you no longer have to worry about when the last time you spoke with someone was. Covve helps you avoid missing future opportunities: keep your contacts warm for when you need them most.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • You can easily mark how often you want to be in touch with each of your contacts by playing the daily cards game; Covve will then auto-remind you to call them, and flag it when you are losing touch, helping you keep your contacts in check.






  • You can also adjust the reminder frequency within the contact card:
    Tap on Auto remind set how often you want to be in touch.






  • Set Scheduled reminders. You can set scheduled reminders to call people, directly from inside their contact card, in the 'Notes' Tab by using the notes (+) sign (bottom right) -> Add Reminder





  • Once you get your reminders you can take action right there and then. You can call, text or email the contact and Covve will record the date and time so you can always see when you spoke last. You can also go to the 'Notes' Tab within the contact card, tap on the 'Reminder', then on the '3 dots ' and mark the contact as already contacted or to snooze the reminder.



'People to contact' is the perfect solution to keeping your contacts warm while remaining professional.