There are a few reasons why this is the case:

  • Any contacts marked as archive appear at the bottom of your contact list (on the Covve mobile app) and are hidden (on the Covve desktop app)
  • Synchronization can take a few minutes to take place. If your changes are very new they may not be reflected in your address book immediately
  • In the case that you've linked Covve to your iPhone make sure that you've selected the correct contact groups (e.g. iCloud, Gmail) for Covve to sync with. You can change this from your Covve settings
  • In the case that you've linked Covve to your Android, note that Covve currently syncs with contacts that have come to your Android from either Gmail or Exchange sources. More source will be supported soon.
  • In the case that you've linked Covve to a google address book, note that any contacts in the "Other" google contacts group is not synchronized with Covve. This is the group where Google automatically stores all email addresses that you have sent email to or received email from
  • The link between Covve and your address book may have been severed. If you're linking Covve with an Exchange address book you may have changed your password. If you're linking Covve with Gmail you may have revoked access to Covve. You can easily re-link Covve with your address book from "Settings":