Covve syncs two-way with your phone’s address book and will support contacts that come from all major contact accounts (Google Contacts, Exchange, iCloud, Outlook and Yahoo).

Most data updated using Covve, is also automatically synced back to your phone's address book.


Which data is synced into and from Covve?



A few notes:

  • If you’re making changes on the web app (from your desktop or laptop), make sure you open the Covve app on your phone and let it sync up. Once it finishes you’ll see the updates on your phone.
  • Covve-specific data, such as Industry and Seniority, is not synced back to your address book as they don’t exist on mobile phones.
  • Social profiles and images added through Covve, are not possible to sync back to your phone's address book due to technical limitations.

In general, Covve will synchronize with your address book every few seconds while you're online.


If you think that not all your contacts have been synced, read more in this article.