Covve automatically finds valuable information for your contacts.
You just need to approve it

Covve scours the web for publicly available information about your contacts and employs proprietary algorithms to make sure you get the most appropriate updates to your contacts. These can include:

  • industry, company, job title and seniority.
  • social profiles
  • profile photo

It also identifies and, upon approval, merges duplicate contacts and also automatically moves non-business contacts to your archive (at the bottom of your contact list). This helps you keep your professional address book clean and focused.

Improvements can be found in your “More” tab (look out for the blue dot).

Profile photos and archiving happens automatically. The rest of the improvements can be reviewed and either approved or rejected. All improvements that you apply will be added to your contacts.

To make sure you're always up to date, Covve will check for updates for all your contacts every month!

PS - Adding emails to your contacts significantly increases the improvements that can be found
Make the most of your new improvements

Naturally, the more you know about your contacts the better. Having complete contacts also means you can do much more meaningful searches in your Covve address book. For example:
When preparing for a business trip, search for all the people you know in that country. E.g. "UK"
When looking for contacts in specific companies or industries you can now get a comprehensive and up to date list of people. E.g. "Banking" or "Bank of Antarctica"
When looking for people in specific positions. E.g. "Procurement"