At Covve, we firmly believe in two principles:

  1. That meaningful referrals and introductions can only come from warm connections between people (the kind of connections you have with people in your address book as opposed to, say, social media networks).
  2. That for most people, their address book is an important business asset which they’ve built over their whole career. It’s not something they’d want to openly share!

With that in mind, we built a leads sharing mechanism, which allows you to expose and capitalize on the power of your address book - while maintaining the privacy of your contacts. You remain the gatekeeper of your relationships!

How it’s done:

When you enable leads, Covve will auto connect you with other Covve users you know. You will be notified when this happens and you can control who you are connected to in Leads>Your Network.

You search your Leads for the type of people you need (e.g. a senior lawyer in New York; someone in the Health Sector) and Covve will show you the profiles of your friends’ contacts without exposing who they are or their contact details.

So, Covve will tell you that your friend John is an excellent person to call about this request because he knows a number of people that match this profile.

Private details are obfuscated - Covve doesn’t let you reach out to the lead/contact directly. Instead, Covve will pinpoint which of your friends is best equipped to make a meaningful introduction. You’ll then need to call or email them and have a real-world discussion!

For us it’s all about the quality of referral rather than quantity.

For advanced search and additional filtering you can access your account through Covve’s web app from your desktop, laptop or tablet

Not sure who you’re looking for? Visualize your entire network

Access your Covve account through the web and use your private graph (hyperlink) to explore your network. Discover industries and geographies which you can access through your contacts’ contacts. Find gaps in your network and proactively work on them.