‘Advertise’ what type of people you know, find people you need!

Your address book gives you access to a few hundred or, at most, a few thousand contacts. On the other hand, professional social networks have too many cold contacts. What you need is a warm network, i.e. who from your trusted contacts can introduce you to one of his/her trusted contacts – this is exactly what “Leads” is!

To make use of “Leads” start building your own private network by inviting and connecting on Covve with people you trust. When you connect you’ll be able to search and find what type of people they know – no names or contact details are ever shared.

This ensures that you remain the gatekeeper of your contacts and people always need to go through you for a referral.

Fast search through your app, powerful analysis through the web

Once you’re connected you can quickly search through your contacts’ contacts using simple “google-style” search. For example:

  • “Lawyer in China”
  • “Banking in New York”
  • “Senior procurement manager in Barclays”

Covve will list which of your contacts can refer you to people who match this profile. Once you’ve found the right person you just need to lift the phone (or write the email) and discuss an introduction – after all, that conversation has huge value in itself.

For advanced search and additional filtering you can access your account through Covve’s web app from your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Not sure who you’re looking for? Visualize your entire network

Access your Covve account through the web and use Covve’s interactive maps to explore your network. Discover industries and geographies which you can access through your contacts’ contacts. Find gaps in your network and proactively work on them.