Covve is your professional address book. As such, it should be optimized for use in your business life.

Covve provides three simple yet powerful features to help you do this:

  • Favorite business contacts. These are likely to be different to the personal contacts you may have favorited in your phone contacts
  • Archive contacts you don't need. Remove clutter by archiving contacts such as restaurants, services, and company switchboards.
  • Tag contacts to categorize. You can tag contacts any way you need. For example, “clients”, “potential sales”, “team members” or “investors”. 


An organized address book is a powerful address book!

Once you’ve organized it, Covve gives you powerful tools to make the most of it.

Powerful search
You can search your address book by any of your contacts’ data including: tags, countries, industries, companies, job titles and of course names.

Your Covve account includes access to Covve’s web app from your desktop, laptop or tablet. This offers you a simple yet powerful “google-style” search. For example, you can search for “Lawyer in China”.

Visualize your network
Your Covve web app allows you to visualize your network and analyze it for opportunities. You can answer higher-level questions such as:

  • “Which countries is my network weak in (and what can I do about it)?”
  • “Which industries do I have the most potential sales leads in?”

Covve provides two interactive maps: the traditional world map and Covve’ unique “industry map”, mapping your contacts across the business world.