If there are contacts you don’t need in Covve (but still don’t want to delete), you can always archive them. This will move them to the bottom of the contact list and essentially instruct Covve to ignore them.

Covve also automatically archives contacts that don’t appear to represent real people (such as restaurants, services and company switchboards). It also archives generic email addresses. For example, info@myco would be a good candidate for auto-archiving.

  • On the mobile app, you can archive by swiping a contact left or within a contact card. Follow the same steps if you want to remove a contact from archive as well.

  • On the web app, you can archive a contact from within the contact card


  • You can enable seeing archived contacts by deselecting "Hide archived contacts",  from the bottom left corner of your Contacts screen.


Note: archived contacts are just hidden from the main view, but will still appear when searching.