Tagging your contacts makes it easier to organize, filter and search your contacts.

On your mobile, all you need to do is swipe a contact left to chose a pre-existing tag or add a customized one.

The tags are searchable, so you can include your tags in our powerful search to find the exact contacts you are after.


On the web app, you can add a tag by double-clicking on a contact card and selecting a tag from the drop down list. Alternatively, you can type in your own, personalized tag.



Again, you can use tags to filter your search.


Additionally, use the panel on the left side of your screen to sort contacts by tag. 





You can even get a visual representation of your tags using our interactive maps. You can filter and group your contacts by tag by changing the grouping to "Tag".



Hovering over your maps and selecting the tag you want to work with, also gives you the option to export the specific group of contacts.



Can I add multiple tags in one go?

Bulk editing (including bulk tagging) is not currently available. But we are working on it!

Can I use multiple tags per contact?