Hi, I'm your Covve AI Assistant. I'm here to reduce your manual data entry and bring ease and efficiency to your networking activities.

All our interaction is done via your email! You can compose a new email or forward an existing conversation, making sure to include your request within it. I'll then add the relevant information to Covve.



  • 👤"Add Jessica Wilson, a senior marketing manager at Shopify, to my contacts and remind me to reach out every three monhts". If the forwarded conversation contains Jessica Wilson's contact details, I'll use them to create your new contact. 
  • 📅"Set a reminder to call Eric next Monday about their proposal". You don't need to provide every detail about the individuals mentioned. If there's an Eric in your Covve relationships I'll find him and set the reminder.
  • 📓"Note that Patrick is considering a job change. Also, remind me to call Alexia on Friday to check her hiring status". You can assign me multiple tasks at once. In this example I'll note information for Patrick and set a reminder for Alexia.


What tasks can you perform for me?

I'm equipped to handle a range of tasks. 

  • I can create contacts using the details you provide.
  • I can log interractions between you and your contacts.
  • I can jot down plain notes about your contacts.
  • I can set reminders for follow-ups.

You can request multiple actions at onces and my capabilities will continue to expand over time.

How can I communicate my requests to you?

You can relay your requests through email. Simply open your personal or professional email, select a conversation from your inbox and forward it to me along with your reqeust. Don't want some conversation, then simply compose a new email with your request and send it to me.

Can I send you requests directly from within the app?

Currently, I'm only accessible via email. However, this method provides a beneficial context, eliminating the need to type out all the details. You can reach me from any device, even if Covve isn't installed. When you receive critical emails, there's no need to switch apps. Just hit forward and aske me to update your Covve records.

Can I send you requests from any of my email accounts?

Absolutely! I have a unique, extended email address that enables you to securely send me emails from any of your accounts. You can also share my address with a trusted colleague or friend to keep your account updated.

What is the purpose of the "chage assistant's email" feature?

This feature is designed for situations where you've shared my email with others and now you wish to revoke their access. By changing my email, I'll generate a new, unique address known only to you. The previous address will no longer be effective.

Can I integrate the assistant with other tools? 

Yes indeed! Any tool capable of sending and email can interact with your Covve account. Additionally, you can use services like Zapier or IFTTT to streamline your processes. Log meetings from your calendar, forward lists of events' attendees, set follow-ups to engage with new members in your communities - the possibilities are endless. The more you creatively connect the assistant with various tools, the more powerful your Covve becomes.