Not many traditions last long enough to stick around for years and years, but when a tradition is as efficient as the business card, it’s no wonder why this rectangular little masterpiece has been in practice for not just years, but centuries. And we believe it’s here to stay; read more in our blog Why the business card will never die.

By popular demand we have partnered with CamCard, one of the leading providers of business card scanning services, to bring business card scanning to your Covve app. With Covve’s Scan Business Card feature, you can simply modernize this timeless exchange of contact details.

Here’s how it works:

1. On your Covve app go to Contacts and then click Add/Scan



2. Tap on Scan

3. This will open your phone camera and guide you to place the card within the frame

4. Take a photo and all the details will appear in a Covve contact card

5. You can also set specific tags for your contact such as, 'potential client', do a quick review and save

6. Right before you save, Covve will ask you how often you'd like to keep in touch with this contact, and auto-remind you when the time comes!

Tip: Some card designs and formats reduce the accuracy of character recognition, so it’s worth doing a final check to ensure that the details are properly entered into your address book

 If you want to take the extra step and minimize your exchange of business cards, you can simply scan a business card and hand it back, doing your part to reduce paper use! And do not forget another Covve feature - Biz Card – that allows you to send your business card electronically!