As you'll see this is essentially the mobile app, accessible through the desktop.

To access it:
- Go to on your desktop/laptop (don’t use public computers)
- Click to log in at the bottom right
- Login to the account that you use on your phone (you can check your username in the phone app by going to settings, then general, and see your username next to "Account")
- Important: When asked if you want to sync with this device choose No
- Wait for a few seconds for your data to load
- Finally, I'd suggest you resize your browser window to be portrait (i.e. taller rather than wider) for a better experience

And you're in! You're now able to quickly manage your relationships and type notes with your keyboard.

Please note that this is an early version and certain things won't work (specifically adding images, taking photos, or scanning business cards). To log out, use your browser’s “clear browsing data” function.